My love-hate relationship with Amazon

It’s crunch time here: work deadlines are looming requiring late night and early morning attention, kids are focused on finals and chores – are therefore – lapsing, and the pressures of gift-giving is piling up.  I hate to say it: I love to  make those Amazon purchases.

Last night at approximately 2:37am, I was awoken by the item that remains undone on my to-do list.  “Wear solid red tee shirt for holiday performance on Thursday.”  Knowing my schedule during the day and evening in the next few days, I knew I could easily let this task slip.  So: I ordered the shirt on Amazon.  Done.

I shook my head in disdain.  I regret it every time I “buy with one click”.  With that one click, I’m taking away a purchase I could have otherwise made at our local shop, I’m adding to our recycling load (which may or may not be actually recycled), and I’m supporting more warehouse and distribution jobs versus our local retail jobs.  “Is Amazon evil and am I evil for using it?

The struggle is real and it’s something that I worry about.  To help me with this emotional problem, I try to buy local.  Which takes time.  So: carve out time to take a walk up the street.  Make it activity!  Get a treat along the way for the kids.  Also: buy directly from the source.  Many independent or smaller vendors use Amazon as its marketplace.  I feel like I’m doing a good deed when I skip the middle-platform and go directly to the vendor.

It is a first-world problem, to be sure, but it’s something I think about often and consider as I tackle my dreaded “shopping list”.  By the way, did I tell you: “I hate Christmas“?