The Nest Playschool Infant/Toddler Fall Spaces!

We are a RIE-inspired, relationship-based program. Our caring, passionate teachers, combined with small program size, cohort model, and absolutely phenomenal families make our community an incredible place for children to learn and grow in their earliest years.

We have a few remaining openings for infants and toddlers beginning this September! We are hosting an open house on Sunday June 2nd for those spaces (10am for infant spots and 11am for toddler spots!). Email Savannah at for more information or to RSVP!

Demystifying Co-Housing

When I first moved to Portland, we found a townhouse in tight quarters – in-fill development in the heart of NE, right off of MLK Blvd.  We lived on a “woonerf”. Yes, a woonerf! It’s a shared street designed to:

allow drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and runners to share the same space, making the street much more welcoming and appealing for all. Instead of dividing a street with barriers like curbs, sidewalks and bike lanes, woonerfs open up the street and allow for every use simultaneously. Cars are forced to drive slowly—with traffic lights and stop signs nonexistent—ultimately allowing pedestrian and cyclists to rule the road.  

Read more here:

Our woonerf was serpentine in shape, so it had the added feature of a few turns to slow motor vehicles all the more.  It was a great introduction to Portland. Our street had the feel of a communal courtyard. I could even open my front door, holler across the way, and be heard by my neighbor, Cathmum.  We got on quite well: our kids were similar ages, our partners had similar work schedules and even played basketball together. Our two households had many family dinners: I could make one part, she’d make the other.  We could eat together and visit while kids bathed. We were lucky. It was happenchance: we found community in our housing situation, which was certainly helped by the woonerf design that stitched our households and lives more closely together.

Imagine setting out with the intention to find this very type of housing and community.  It exists: people who come together to form community, to support one another when they can, and to live their own lives independently in a lovely condominium community.  Recently, Cathmum and I had the chance to sit down and chat with Adesina Cameron, who moved to the Portland area from the San Francisco Bay Area where she lived next to Temescal Commons, a nearly 20-year-old community of 8 housing units and 23 residents.  Just outside of Portland, Adesina found Cascadia Commons, a community of 26 housing units across 14 buildings.  Here are som excerpts of our conversation:

So, what’s it like, aesthetically and technically and logistically, to live in this “co-housing community”?

At its most basic construct, the community is 100% like living in a condominium development.  Legally, Cascadia Commons is structured as a condominium. My condo is my condo. There really are no strict regulations or rules about our units: Inside of it, I can make improvements, changes to the layout, etc., just like any other condo.  It’s a really lovely development, so we have a waitlist of over 100 people hoping for the opportunity to buy a unit, which range from 1- and 2-bedroom flats to 2- and 3-bedroom townhomes.

We have a Homeowners Association (HOA) with a fee, that helps to cover our building and grounds maintenance. Our shared space includes a playground, a commercial kitchen, a library, a work-from-home office, a couple of guest units for visitors, and a yoga room.  These are amenities many of us would seek out at a condo development. We also have a community garden, and a small plot of our own land near our home that is shared with one other neighbor.

What brought you to explore co-housing?  What were you hoping to find?


We moved from Portland to the Bay Area in 2009.  When we left, Portland was still affordable. When we wanted to return in 2015 when my daughter was 10 months old, it felt unaffordable.  Condo units in some of the co-housing communities felt financially accessible.

I was moving to be near my mother, who was aging.  I was raising a young child, while working. My baby didn’t sleep, and I felt like my visions of “home” could not be actualized.  That old adage, “it takes a village” could not have felt more true and intense in that moment. I felt isolated with my care responsibilities.  I needed some support beyond my four walls. Back in the bay area, I lived near a co-housing community that seemed so vibrant and tightly knit. I sought this out when I moved back to Portland because I needed this intergenerational living where we could support each other when needed.  For me, I needed a ready-set community that I could join in my time of need. And, in return, I was also prepared to contribute to this community to support it, too, when my time came. It’s about give-and-take, ebb-and-flow. And, it’s really a beautiful thing.


Is co-housing best suited for extroverted and outgoing people?


Co-housing is full of introvert/extrovert couples.  My husband loves his privacy; he needs privacy. He comes and goes as he likes.  He doesn’t do stuff all the time with the rest of the community. I like to engage with the community, so I do get out there.  You really can be private if you want, you can have it at any level you want. It really is like living in a multi-unit community, whether condo, a townhome development, or an apartment complex: if you want to meet and get to know your neighbors, then you can!  If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.


So, does the community eat meals together every day?


When Cascadia Commons was created twenty years ago, almost all the residents ate together almost all the time.  Over time, as diets and schedules changed, participation dropped off. Maybe it was too much of a good thing?

Everyone, rightfully so, has their own rhythms.  Some of our community members like to eat at 6:30pm, but I’d starve if I had to eat at 6:30pm.  Plus, for those of us with young children, earlier is better since we have those early bedtimes.  It also has to be the right food, easy, nutritious, and crowd-pleasing.

Right now, we have about half of the community that participates in a meal plan twice a week.  The cost works out to be around five dollars a meal, which is a great deal. Sometimes, residents will just bring their dinner into our communal eating area to eat together.  Honestly, I love the experience of sharing in making and eating a meal together. It’s surprising we don’t do it more.


OK, so how can we learn more, experience more, and know more about what it is truly like to co-house?


This is a unique time for Portland.  We are hosting the national association of co-housing in a couple of weeks, from May 30th to June 2nd, 2019.  Community for the Health of It! – if you’re willing to invest in registration – will have some great speakers and topics to learn more about the world of co-housing.  But, there will be tons of free events too. Some great ones to check out include:

We are excited to see more families interested in joining our communities.  If you’re curious, come out and visit with us in a few weeks! See you all there –

Willow Tree Preschool enrolling for fall 2019

Willow Tree Preschool is in its 14th year as a community of learners; we are an eclectic program influenced by the progressive early childhood programs of Reggio Emilia, Italy developed with over 20 years of experience in early childhood education. We share our gratitude for nature, love of the arts and deep respect for playful inquiry in a multitude of ways, within the warm beautiful home environment which has been created to meet the needs of young children. The children are encouraged to move and learn at their own pace, inviting them to explore and build meaning through their experiences. It is through playful exploration that real learning happens, creative thinking evolves, problem solving develops, and true connection and meaning is made.
Weekly visits from the yoga and music specialist promote further exploration, enhancing our curriculum.
The preschool hours are from 9 am to 1 pm for children 3 to 5 years of age.
We would love to meet you and your child, contact the director to set up a tour

The Kids Shop Day Care

Welcome to our child care! In our Infant Care program, watch your child grow from a little miracle, to miraculously curious! We offer personalized {boutique style} care for each child based on their unique schedule, stage of development, and their individual needs. Warm, Loving and Caring days are spent in a home-like environment that is ideal for creating new experiences. We practice Verbalizing through the day, Tummy Time, Support Sitting, and practice SAFE SLEEP as recommended by the Academy of Pediatrics. We use Daily Up Date Sheets so you can see how baby did during there day with us.
The first two years of a child’s life help shape their future. Consistent loving care is our top priority!

All inclusive program no extra charge!
We provide Formula, Diapers, Wipes, all Meals, Pre-k Curriculum

The Kids Shop Day Care
*State Certified Child Care*
*CPR/First Aid/Universal Precautions*


Infant Care St Johns-NoPo

I have a nanny share from home and we have room for a sweet baby, toddler or twin babies to join us 2 or 3 days a week on Mon, Tues & Wed. I have 20+ years experience. Please contact me to learn more: Email Text 503.933.0580.

Immediate Childcare Center Openings! (6 Weeks – 5 Years)

Wow & Flutterville Playgardens is a Waldorf-Inspired Childcare Center located in Sellwood, Oregon. We thrive on the idea of learning and education through exploration and play.

We have IMMEDIATE childcare availability, and would love to have your family join ours. We offer care for children from 6 weeks – 5 years and have immediate availability in our infant, toddler, and preschool programs.

We are having an Open House on Sunday, April 14th from 9-10am that is open to the public, and we would love to see you there!

Please feel free to contact via email or phone for more information on our openings and program.

P: (971)302-6139

Little Hands Garden School

Little Hands Garden School has openings for summer at two of our locations. We’ll be outside most of everyday, playing in the sun with plenty of sprinklers, water toys and interactive fun! Want to roam free through the gardens with our chickens? Come join us!

Paper Moon Playschool Openings

Paper Moon Playschool is a small, year-round, certified in home play-based playschool. Our daily rhythm includes art, circle time, calendar time, finger plays, songs, dance, dramatic play, story time, lots of outside playtime, free play and music. We participate in Multnomah County Library story time outreach program as well as interactive music time with Jory. Our hours of care are Tuesday- Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm. We are currently offering 3 full days of care for children 2.5-4 years of age.

Friendly House Preschool — now welcoming 3-5 year-olds for the 2019-20 School Year!

Friendly House Preschool has been a beloved part of our NW Portland neighborhood since the 1940s. We have grown to include two full-day classes for children ages 3–5, with various schedule and calendar options to meet your family’s needs. Our kindergarten readiness curriculum is presented in a play-based format, with an emphasis on social-emotional learning. Please visit our webpage or meet our warm and experienced teachers on a personalized tour of our preschool classrooms, garden, playground, and gym spaces! We are pleased to offer both full-day and half-day classes. We are proud to have a high adult-to-child ratio of 3 teachers to 20 children, and we offer sliding scale pricing and scholarships to welcome families from all walks of life.

2 FT/PT Spots Available at Adams Childcare!

Hi all,

I’m an in home childcare provider located in a very safe and quiet neighborhood here in N Portland. I have over 35 years of child care experience and I try to, everyday, improve my practice to accommodate all of my daycare parents’ needs.

* Adams Child Care is an advocate of having a small/medium sized group of 6 children at a time, but I will accept more if positions are part time. I accept children aged 15 months and up.

* I have openings for full time and/or part time positions. My hours are 7:30 am – 5:30 pm Mondays – Thursdays and 7:30 am – 4:30 pm on Fridays. Rates are very affordable!

Here is my schedule of the amount of children in my care at the moment,

Monday: 5 children
Tuesday: 4 Children
Wednesday: 5 Children
Thursday: 5 Children
Friday: 4 Children

* Sign language learning sessions (We try to learn at least 1 new sign language term a week)
* Hands on interactive activities (Baking, gardening, crafting, etc.)
* Daily ABC and 123 practice sessions
* Toys Cleaned and Sanitized every Tuesday and Friday evening
* Daily painting, drawing, and/or crafting
* Introducing the concept of mathematics at the proper age level
* Daily playtime/free time, indoor and/or outdoor.
* Potty training
* Circle time (interactive games with peers, story time, etc.)
* Affordable tuition rates!
* Large, safe, wooden fenced backyard with sturdy climbing structure and tons of other fun toys!

Adams Child Care can also provide references from current, as well as previous, parents upon your request.

Adams Child Care is led by a well experienced child care provider, Charlene, who has worked with children from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Charlene is a warm, loving, and nurturing provider who accommodates her clients’ needs.

Contact Charlene, Owner of Adams Child Care, as soon as possible to reserve your spot; space is limited!

Phone: (503) 891-6838
Website: *COMING SOON*